About Parkano

Production, Import and distribution of Supermarket goods and packaging in Iran has been running for many years but unlike many other industries, didn’t face much fundamental Change or development. during information era which almost all industries are trying to redefine themselves with E-Business principles and in spite of all of the efforts in recent years, the gap in this one is still remarkable.

There are many obstacles in redefining a market this huge. People say the biggest the ship, the hardest to turn it. But what is the solution? This is the very beginning of Parkano. In early of 2015, Parkano started a field study which resulted the knowledge of weakness and strength of this market and we got our clues. But we needed a deeper understanding. So we began by selling and distributing to more than 2000 loyal customers. This resulted an even better view. The studies continued until 2017, when we had an excellent understanding of our customer’s and supplier’s weaknesses and strengths. when we almost had our milestone to begin the change, Parkano (Parsan Rasan Kalaye Noavar) is born. company with strong risk analysis and justification which attracted Domestic and foreign investments. company which relies on its remarkable human resources to develop the new market.